Terms and Conditions


As a user of the Site, you are committed to using the Site in accordance with these General Conditions, good faith and current legislation. Likewise, the User declares to be of legal age.

The purchase of products on the Site by minors is strictly prohibited. Audiocrafting ™ reserves the right to verify the veracity of the data provided by Users, in particular their age. The Company will not assume any responsibility for people who do not comply with these General Conditions, the applicable legislation in force or if they are minors.

Therefore, any fraudulent, abusive, illegal or contrary to good faith use by the Site User is expressly prohibited.

In any case, the User must refrain from:

Reproduce, distribute, publicly communicate, transform or modify the Site or any of its contents, including these General Conditions, regardless of the purpose of said use, without prior written authorization from Audiocrafting ™.

Introduce, on the Site or its network, data programs that may cause damage to the Audiocrafting ™ computer systems, its suppliers or third parties.

Carry out any type of illegal, fraudulent activity, contrary to these General Conditions, current legislation and / or good faith or that prevents and / or hinders the correct use of the website or its contents.

Insert any type of link or link on third party websites, platforms, forums, chats, blogs or social networks that allow you to link or reproduce the Site or its contents on said third party websites, platforms, forums, chats, blogs or social networks, that are contrary to the law, offend or violate human dignity, fundamental rights or the Company itself and / or may be considered criminal.

Introduce and / or spread content on the Site that violates human rights and the dignity of people, such as, for example, racist, xenophobic, pornographic content or that supposes an apology for terrorism.


Buying from our online store is very simple. Audiocrafting ™ informs users that they can purchase any product through the Site without having to register with it.

To purchase any of the products, the User must access our online store through the different product sections offered and select the products he wants. After selecting all the products he wishes to purchase, the User must fill in the information requested to process his order: billing details, delivery address, delivery method, payment information and order comments.

After completing the purchase order and before shipping, a summary will be presented identifying the item purchased, its total price (shipping and taxes included) and shipping details. The order must be confirmed by clicking on the “Checkout” button.

When filling in the data requested in the purchase process through the Site, the fields whose completion is mandatory will be duly marked with an asterisk so that the User can clearly identify them. Likewise, the data whose completion was detected as defective, incorrect or incomplete by the Site and are necessary to complete the process in question, will be requested again so that the User can review, correct and insert them correctly.

As a user, you are solely responsible for providing your data correctly in the online purchasing processes on the Site. If you make an online purchase with your user account, you will be solely responsible for keeping the corresponding passwords and registration keys confidential, personal and secret.

For this reason, Audiocrafting ™ reminds you that you must pay special attention and care regarding the introduction of your personal data, especially bank and order delivery data, and not share your registration keys and password corresponding to the account with third parties. user. Any damage or loss caused directly or indirectly to Audiocrafting ™ or third parties under your email or registration key and / or password will be your sole responsibility.

Audiocrafting ™ reserves the right to revise, retain, temporarily suspend and / or permanently unilaterally cancel, without prior notice and without the right to any compensation, any purchase from the online store where it detects indications of fraudulent, illegal or contrary use these General Conditions, the law and / or good faith on the part of the corresponding User.


Audiocrafting ™ made an effort to show the colours of the products as close to reality as possible. However, the color of the products that appear on the screen may be subject to variation, depending on the quality of your computer monitor. In this sense, Audiocrafting ™ cannot guarantee that the colors that appear on your monitor are entirely true to reality.

Audiocrafting ™ also strives to ensure that all products offered on the Site are always available to Users. However, some products may be temporarily unavailable or out of stock. If any product is not available on the Site, the Company will indicate it properly so that Users are informed of the temporary impossibility of purchasing the product in question.

If, for any reason, a product is not available once an online purchase has been made by a user, Audiocrafting ™ will contact the User as soon as possible by email to inform him of this situation and so that the User can choose to cancel your purchase, keep your purchase without the product in question, or choose a different product.

Audiocrafting ™ reserves the right to modify characteristics and colors according to production needs.


With the objective of retaining Users, gaining new users or promoting certain products, Audiocrafting ™ will be able to organize several promotions through the Site. That way, you can establish promotion periods or apply discounts to all or part of the products available on the Site’s online store.

Audiocrafting ™ will regulate in each case the conditions of application and enjoyment of the different promotions. In any case, Audiocrafting ™ reserves the right to modify the conditions of any promotion, as well as to revise, temporarily suspend and / or permanently cancel unilaterally, without prior notice and without the right to any compensation for any promotion.